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MLA for Teachers

Professional development for teachers, in partnership with the College of Education, FWISD and Tarrant County College

The MLA for Teachers track of the MLA degree program serves high school teachers in the liberal arts who seek personal and professional development and substantive expertise and credentials to support dual credit course offerings. Currently, the pilot initiative of this track of the MLA program at TCU offers Fort Worth Independent School District high school English teachers the opportunity to complete 18 hours of graduate-level English course work or a 30-hour master’s degree in liberal arts from TCU that enable them to offer dual-credit courses in English at their schools and elsewhere.

The MLA for Teachers pilot program is a collaboration between TCU and its partners, Fort Worth Independent School District and Tarrant County College. It is a cohort-based program in that begins in Spring 2022, with new cohorts starting each subsequent fall. All courses for this track are offered online. Members of the cohorts proceed through the program together, completing the certificate as quickly as one year with use of a summer term, and the full master’s degree in two years.

Fort Worth ISD English teachers interested in applying to the pilot MLA for Teachers initiative do so through the regular TCU MLA Application webpage.

In the MLA program application, please list MLA for Teachers as the response to "How did you hear about our program?"  Applicants will also complete an application process through Fort Worth ISD as well, which can be found at this webpage.

The MLA for Teachers course offerings are rich and diverse, with potential classes such as:

MALA 60083 Superheroes Across Global Contexts
MALA 60093 The Literature of Survival: What Tales Teach Us about Living and Dying
MALA 60333 War Stories: A Study Through Literature and Film 
MALA 60343 Black Lives/White Law in American Literature 
MALA 61313 British Music and Memoir 
MALA 60970 Special Problems: 

  • American Crime Fiction
  • Global Memoirs
  • Truth, Justice and Freedom in Philosophy and Film
  • Virtue, Fraternity and Poetry in Philosophy and Film
  • Warrior Women: Literature and Film
  • Autobiography as Non-Fiction
  • Reading and Writing Nature

A variety of English composition courses may also be available. For more information on these and other MLA courses, see the MLA courses webpage.

The MLA for Teachers course offerings are rich and diverse, with potential classes such as:

MALA 60970 Special Problems: 

  • Poverty and Progress: The US Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • History of Gender at Work in the USA

For more information on these and other MLA courses, see the MLA courses webpage.


About the TCU MLA

The TCU Master of Liberal Arts Program is a multidisciplinary program drawing from English, History, Religion, Social Sciences like Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and Criminal Justice, and other disciplines across campus. It is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to offer a wide range of educational opportunities to students of diverse educational backgrounds principally to make available to all college graduates an opportunity to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and to broaden their knowledge. In addition to the personal growth and lifelong learning aspects of the program, graduate students in the MLA program may also be interested in expanding career opportunities and deepening substantive expertise in and across liberal arts disciplines. The MLA degree can contribute to further education and to careers and career credentials in education, business, government, law, and social services of a wide variety.