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Master of Liberal Arts

Learning is lifelong. Continue your journey with us.

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Here, there is something for everyone.

Students often complain that they had so many required courses and structured degree plans as undergraduates that they were not able to take many of the courses that really interested them.

The MLA Program is a multidisciplinary program that offers a wide range of educational opportunities to students of diverse educational backgrounds.

MLA Quick Facts

Program duration 1-2 years Entry term Fall, Spring or Summer Summer 2024 application deadline 7/8/2024 Fall 2024 application deadline 8/20/2024


Why MLA?

"Too often, education is measured by its direct relevance to a specific career. However, we often find that inspiration and solutions arise from a passage in a novel, a historical moment, the observation of the stars, or even a piece of music. All knowledge is valuable and useful. The broader a person’s knowledge base, the deeper the well that person may draw from to be creative. 

The Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts is a distinct opportunity to enrich one’s bank of knowledge. Whether it’s to explore one’s curiosity or to indulge in the simple pleasure of learning something new, its value cannot be overstated."

-Dr. Dusty Crocker


Community Engagement

The Masters of Liberal Arts program has footprints in the greater DFW community. Our students have lives outside of the classroom and we strive to meet them where they are.