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Department of Philosophy

Learn to ask deeper questions and evaluate the world around you.

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Major in thinking.

Explore the fundamental issues that humans have faced throughout our existence. In this major, you'll learn how to dissect complex arguments using logic, analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills that are valuable in any career.


Recent Publications

“Some Ideas About the Metaphysics of Stories”

Wesley Cray

British Journal of Aesthetics

“Basic Desert and the Appropriateness of Blame”

Kelly McCormick

Joseph Klein Campbell (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Free Will

“Obligations to the Cognitively Impaired in Nonstructured Contexts”

Richard Galvin

Disability in Practice, Oxford University Press. pp. 204-226.

“Information and Inaccuracy.”

William Roche

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 69(2): 577-604

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