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Master's Program

While most history graduate students at TCU seek the Ph.D. degree, the master’s degree is a valuable option for students beginning their graduate careers.  TCU offers two options: a terminal MA degree and one that continues into the Ph.D. program.

Master's Only Program

The MA degree requires a total of 30 hours of coursework, including:

  • At least three seminars
  • Historiography and Bibliography
  • Six hours of thesis

A student planning to leave TCU after the master’s must complete a thesis project. A master’s candidate may write a thesis in one of the following areas:

  • Asia
  • Early modern Europe
  • Modern Europe (with an emphasis in France or Britain)
  • Latin America
  • United States
  • Military
  • Women’s history

As a final requirement of the MA program, the student defends their MA thesis in an oral examination conducted by their MA committee. This exam tests the student’s ability to defend the contents and conclusions of their thesis.

The MA degree must be completed within five years from initial matriculation. Students pursuing a terminal MA degree are limited to two years of financial aid from the Department of History.


Master's/ Ph.D. Program 

A master’s student continuing into the TCU Ph.D. program may elect to forego a thesis. Instead, the student will have a defense of two completed article-length research papers with their advisor and one other faculty member. These students may also elect to write a master’s thesis, and many of them do so.

Ph.D. Program 

Admission Requirements

Graduate Areas of Study