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Faculty Publications

Ashley Coles, Ph.D.

Ashley Coles

Associate Professor

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  • Coles, A.R. and Walker, K.E. (2021). Assessing motorist behavior during flash floods in Tucson, Arizona. Transportation,
  • Quintero-Angel, M., Coles, A., and Duque-Nivia, A.A. (2021). A historical perspective of landscape appropriation and land use transitions in the Colombian South Pacific. Ecological Economics, 181: Article 106901.
  • Coles, A.R. and Hirschboeck, K.K. (2020). Driving into danger: perception and communication of flash flood risk. Weather, Climate, and Society, 12(3): 387-404.
  • Coles, A.R. (2020). Building influential networks in community-managed water and sanitation near Cali, Colombia. Journal of Latin American Geography, 19(2): 8-35.
  • Coles, A.R. (2020). Identification and evaluation of flood-avoidance routes in Tucson, Arizona. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 48: Article 101597.
Benjamin Tillman, Ph.D.

Benjamin Tillman

Associate Professor

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  • Otterstrom, Samuel and Benjamin F. Tillman. 2013. “Income Change and Circular Migration: The Curious Case of Mobile Puerto Ricans 1995-2010.” Journal of Latin American Geography 12 (3):33-58.
  • Tillman, Benjamin F. 2011. Imprints on Native Lands: The Miskito-Moravian settlement landscape of Eastern Honduras. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.
  • Tillman, Benjamin F. 2009. “Measuring globalization’s influence on the cultural landscape: spatial succession in the plaza of Ponce, Puerto Rico.” Southeastern Geographer 49 (4):340-353.
  • Tillman, Benjamin F.  2008. “Not always oriented: Honduran plaza-church locational relations,” In Ethno-and Historical Geographic Studies in Latin America, ed. Kent Mathewson, Peter Herlihy, and Craig Revels, pp. 177-192. Geoscience and Man vol. 40, Baton Rouge: Geoscience Publications, Louisiana State University Department of Geography and Anthropology.
  • Tillman, Benjamin F. 2005. “La Geografia Historica de la Costa Misquita,” Revista de la Academia Hondurena de Geografia e Historia (Diciembre 2005):153-173.
Kyle Walker, Ph.D.

Kyle Walker

Associate Professor and Chair

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  • Walker, Kyle E.(2016) Baby boomer migration and demographic change in U.S. metropolitan areas.  Migration Studies. DOI: 10.1093/migration/mnw012. 
  • Walker, Kyle E.(2016) tigris: An R Package to Access and Work with Geographic Data from the US Census Bureau. The R Journal.
  • Walker, Kyle E.(2016) Locating neighborhood diversity in the American metropolis. Urban Studies.  DOI: 10.1177/0042098016643481.
  • Walker, Kyle E. (2016) Tools for interactive visualization of global demographic concepts in R. Spatial Demography4(3), pp. 207-220.
  • Walker, Kyle E.(2015) The spatiality of local immigration policies in the United States.Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie106(4), pp. 486-498.
 Xiaolu Zhou, Ph.D.

Xiaolu Zhou

Associate Professor

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  • Zhou, X., Wang, M., & Li, D. (2019). Bike-sharing or taxi? Modeling the choices of travel mode in Chicago using machine learning. Journal of transport geography, 79, 102479.
  • Zhou, X., Tong, W., & Li, D. (2019). Modeling Housing Rent in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area Using Textual Information and Deep Learning. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 8(8), 349.
  • Xiao, J. and Zhou, X. (2019), Crime Exposure along My Way Home: Estimating Crime Risk along Personal Trajectory by Visual Analytics. Geographical Analysis, doi:10.1111/gean.12187
  • Zhou, X., & Li, D. (2018). Tracing environmental narratives: a web-based tool for the analysis and visualization of georeferenced narratives. GeoJournal, 83(2), 399-412.
  • Zhou, X., & Li, D. (2018). Quantifying multi-dimensional attributes of human activities at various geographic scales based on smartphone tracking. International journal of health geographics, 17(1), 11.