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About the Center

“Do you know what a foreign accent is? It is a sign of bravery.” Amy Chua

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About the Center

The Center for Languages and Cultures supports all language learners and faculty in the Departments of Modern Language Studies and Spanish and Hispanic Studies. The CLC provides a flexible language learning and teaching space, resources for students to help enhance language acquisition and promote cultural awareness, professional development workshops for faculty in the language departments at TCU as well as community language educators, and a Faculty Talk Series.

The Center hosts numerous language and culture events, including language conversation hours, induction ceremonies for language honor societies, films, lectures, and events in collaboration with other departments.

Upcoming Events

World Languages & Cultures Day at TCU

March 21, 10AM to 7PM. See the full schedule in the TCU calendar.

The South Central Association for Language Learning Technology will hold its annual conference in the Center for Languages and Cultures on April 6, 9-4.

Preliminary information available at: